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A May 2018 survey by Roy Morgan revealed that Australians aged over 14 spends almost six hours (340 minutes) on social media every week, and 14-24-year-old Australian woman more than double that figure.

As one of the main online destinations for entertainment, catching up with friends, shopping and recommendations, businesses that are not actively building communities and promoting themselves online are potentially missing out on having a presence and influence where their customers are spending a large amount of their time

Why is Social Media Marketing important?

Google may still be the line share of the search market, but it is no longer the only game in town.

With the large amount of time people spend each week on their preferred social media channels and with the low cost of entry for businesses to establish a presence in these spaces,  the opportunity for small businesses to compete against much larger and better funded organisations has never been greater.

With both paid and organic social media marketing opportunities, businesses that embrace social media and provide an engaging experience for their potential customers are reaping are supercharging their growth and building longer and richer relationships with the target audience.

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How can Social Media improve your business?

That time spent on social media is booming, however, is not the only reason why businesses need to develop a robust and coherent social media strategy. More importantly the, time spent on  social media differs from other aspects on the internet because it is based on personal, not anonymous interactions, which brings with it a significant trust premium.

Businesses who embrace the social media have the opportunity of building a level of trust and more personal relationships with their customers previously limited to offline, human to human businesses.

Outsmart Social Media Solutions

A social media strategy is so much more than simply setting up a blog, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube presence. A social media strategy needs to fit in with an organisations broader communication strategy and be subjected to the same quality control and consistency of messages. Unlike other forms of communication however, social media is fast and has the potential for broad reach which is why it needs to be professionally managed and adequately resourced.

Oustmart social media strategies are tailored for your business. They involve;

  • Monitoring and listening to conversations or themes related to your business, products, services or industry across the broader social media platforms
  • Development of both proactive and reactive a social media interactions
  • Deep integration of social media platforms with your internet based applications
  • Development of social media policies and procedures, and
  • Tactical execution of your social media campaign.
  • Social Media and others

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