Online Professional Profile Management

Regain control of your online persona

Companies spend big to communicate their brands, however personally we often do very little to manage how we are portrayed to the world. Establishing a professional online brand or profile will differentiate yourself from your competition and enhance your chances of landing that new job, closing that deal or winning that new client.

What is online reputation management anyway?

Stop whatever you are doing right now and enter your name into a Google search.

What do you see? What does it say about you? How would it be perceived by a potential client or employer that was checking up on you? Are the result s what you want to show and what can you do about it anyway?

The results of this search is your online profile or brand and it is likely a collection of all the difference things that you have been doing online for a number of years.

While you may not be able to control how it got to be like it is, the good news is that there is a lot you can do about it.

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What can be done about your personal or professional online reputation?

Firstly, prevention is so much better than cure. The internet has a great way of uncovering your deepest darkest secrets, which is why it’s even more important to think about what you say or do online than in the offline world.

If your personal search results do not give the best impression of yourself, your organisation or your brand it is likely that the problem can fall into 2 categories being those things that you can have some control over, and then those that you can’t.

Check with the offending site owner, publisher or administrator if it is possible to have any undesirable media, articles or comments removed. If they can’t be removed, apply to have a follow up response, update or correction posted.

Assuming however that despite your care and best endeavours you cannot resolve any undesirable material, your next course of action is to take steps to push it down the search engines rankings. This is where we can assist.

Outsmart online reputation management

Outsmart can help you manage your online professional profile so that your potential customers or employers get the best impression of you, your organisation or brand. Our professional profile management strategies include:

  • Creating personal, professional or organisational websites which create the impression you want to give
  • Developing and maintaining a blog or blogs on your areas of expertise or interest so that visitors can get a better appreciation of your depth of knowledge or expertise on the topics
  • Curation of social networking profiles that reflect the type of person, organisation or brand that you would like to promote
  • Publishing your business profiles on a wide range of respected sites and directories
  • Publishing articles, comments or forum posts and your behalf to reflect your depth of knowledge or understanding on respective areas of interest or expertise.

Unfortunately, there are no magic solutions, but a well executed reputation management strategy can cast your reputation in a better light.

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