Blogs are collection of articles or posts which are typically displayed according to their date of publication, category, tag or popularity.

Blogs usually contain commentary or news on particular subjects or topics of interest and will typically combine text and media as well as links to third web pages and media related to its theme.

Important features of a blog includes the ability for its readers comment and engage in discussions about the subject matter and this makes them a great way to inform and nurture customers or communities.

Why is blogging important for businesses?

Blogs, like other forms of social media, are used by many businesses for a wide range of purposes including; keeping customers informed of products and services, providing updates on events such as sales and promotions, or humanising the business by creating topics of discussion through the expression of opinions and ideas.

Importantly, a blog will differ from a typical website through its publishing capabilities, whereby blog aggregators can be pinged or notified as new posts are created. From a SEO perspective, this is very powerful as search engines will crawl blog aggregation sites more frequently than most typical websites so blogging regularly can get you noticed more often by search engines.

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How you use blogging to benefit your business?

Blogging is used by different businesses in a variety of different ways and to achieve different outcomes. A communication strategy involving blogging could be used to create a more personal online presence or identity, create a voice for your brand or company, engage with your audience, fans or customers or build an online community.

Outsmart blogging solutions

Outsmart can tailor a highly successful blogging solution for your company which can include;

  • Developing a customised blogging platform for your business
  • Integrating your blogging platform with your existing online assets
  • Creating a blogging communication strategy, and
  • Creating and maintaining your blog content.

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