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Google may still be the line share of the search market, but it is no longer the only game in town. Businesses that are not actively engaging and promoting themselves with their community in social media are denying themselves from a large and highly engaged group of customers.

Businesses who embrace the social media have the opportunity of building a level of trust and more personal relationships with their customers previously limited to face to face business interactions. Find out how a smarter strategic approach to social media marketing can get your business out front of your competitors

Your blog, much like other forms of social media and other time based content, can be used to enhance your online brand by setting the tone for and humanising your brand voice, keeping customers feeling valued, informed and engaged, and generating discussion on topics of influence. Find out more about our smarter approach to blogging.

What does an online search on your name or brand say about you? How would it be perceived by a potential customers, clients or employers that may be doing a background check up on you? Are the results what you are proud to show? Find out what to do if your online profile is letting you down.

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The right brand development strategy for you business will depend upon many factors such as the type of business you operate, the resources you have available, your budget and your expectations.

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